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Home Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Fire and Perils, Burglary, Public Liability
Commercial Insurance
  • Renter's / Contents Insurance
  • Fire and Perils, Burglary, Public Liability
Property Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Fire and Perils, Burglary, Public Liability

Residential & Commercial Property Coverage

Home Insurance:

This household policy provides coverage for the building that you call home and contents within which so many of your memories are held. The policy protects against damage arising from hazards such as fire, theft and acts of God, as well as a range of other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Provision for alternative accommodation
  • Coverage for the contents of your home should damage be incurred in the process of moving
  • Protection for household items in storage

Contents Insurance:

Protect the things you love with TCFIC's contents insurance! While it is devastating to lose personal items, contents insurance ensures that you can replace those cherished items with new ones. TCFIC Home Contents Insurance also gives you the option of purchasing additional cover for specific items you might take outside your home. You can protect things like your personal accessories, jewelry and sporting equipment when you travel.

Renters Insurance:

If you do not own your home do you still need insurance? Even if the owner of the building has coverage on the property his policy will not cover any of your personal property. The solution for you is renters insurance!

  • Theft or burglary
  • Personal injury to your guests
  • The property suffers a fire or hurricane damage

If you rent and you do not have renters insurance you have no coverage for personal property loss or damage in the even of an unforeseen loss.

Click on the contents list to calculate how much it would cost to replace your treasured items. Many people are surprised at how much they have amassed!